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Need 3d models for search engine

MessagePublié: 23 Mars 2017, 14:32
par Alex Birdman
Hi there!

We create search engine for 3d models which unite at one place different 3d shops, stocks, archive ... like "google", but for 3d models! )

Now, a full index (list) of 3D models at our database is 964 194 models.

We dream about 1000000 (million))!

Need more than 50,000 models, to achieve the goal.

Welcome any thoughts about shops, forums, communities etc where we can get (add) 10 or 100 or 10000 on N models to our search index

Тhank you in advance

Re: Need 3d models for search engine

MessagePublié: 12 Avr 2017, 22:09
par Alex Birdman
Good news! We have reached our goal!

There are more than 2 million 3d models in the index of our search engine.

Thanks to your support the number of models increases and grows every day. The total number of models can be viewed on the main page

Cheers and thanks for help.